Open... Project name Client Institution Laboratory Samples Dated smpls End date Article NCL report Project discipline
NCL-4106 Longitudinal profile of the Rhine Cohen, K.M. Utrecht University NCL 3 Earth sciences
NCL-2209 Lower Geren, Turkey Gorp, van, W. Wageningen University NCL 4 4 article link Earth sciences
NCL-3110 Lutjelollum extra Busschers, F. Deltares NCL 2 article link Earth sciences
CIDR-0101 Lutterzand Huissteden, van, J. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam CIDR 3 2001/01/01 Earth sciences
CIDR-0199 Lutterzand Bateman, M.D. University of Sheffield CIDR 7 14 1999/01/01 article link Earth sciences
CQR-0188 Lutterzand Dijkmans, J.W.A. Royal Holloway and Bedford New College CQR 3 1 1988/01/01 article link Methodology
GL-0191 Lutterzand Dijkmans, J.W.A. Utrecht University GL 12 12 1991/01/01 Methodology
RLAHA-0190 Lutterzand Smith, B.W. Oxford University RLAHA 4 4 1990/01/01 Earth sciences
RLAHA-0191 Lutterzand Stokes, S. Oxford University RLAHA 2 2 1991/01/01 Earth sciences
NCL-2615 Maas Noord Limburg Wallinga, J. Wageningen University NCL 12 12 2016/07/01 Earth sciences
NCL-5405 Maashorst landscape Mourik, van, J. University of Amsterdam NCL 1 1 2006/11/30 article link Archaeology
RLAHA-0185 Maastricht-Belvédère Huxtable, J. Oxford University RLAHA 7 1985/01/01 Archaeology
RLAHA-0193 Maastricht-Belvédère Huxtable, J. Oxford University RLAHA 3 1993/01/01 Archaeology
RLBM-0193 Maastricht-Belvédère Debenham, N. The British Museum RLBM 3 1993/01/01 Earth sciences
NCL-7414 Meersen 2 Kappel, van, K. ADC-Archeoprojecten NCL 5 5 2015/02/09 Archaeology
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