Open... Project name Client Institution Laboratory Samples Dated smpls End date Article NCL report Project discipline
NCL-9109 ELST08 Kort, de, J.W. RACM NCL 3 3 Archaeology
NCL-7809 ESF project RESOLuTION Bos, J.A.A. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam NCL 10 10 Earth sciences
NCL-3510 Early Weichselian Rhine Busschers, F. TNO Bouw en Ondergrond NCL 5 15 2013/04/22 article link Earth sciences
NCL-3610 Eemian Rhine delta Peeters, J. Utrecht University NCL 5 5 2013/01/09 article link Earth sciences
NCL-3208 Eemian typelocality borehole / Amsterdam Terminal Busschers, F. Deltares NCL 7 11 article link Earth sciences
NCL-3505 FLUVKAR Maljers, D. TNO Bouw en Ondergrond NCL 9 9 article link Earth sciences
CIDR-0103 Feldbiss Fault Houtgast, R.F. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam CIDR 8 2003/01/01 article link Earth sciences
CIDR-0105 Feldbiss Fault Balen, van, R.T. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam CIDR 5 2005/01/01 article link Earth sciences
CQR-0197 Fluvial response to climate variations Mol, J.A. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam CQR 9 1997/01/01 article link Earth sciences
NCL-7912 Fragment Christus kop BK-NM-7505 Garachon, I. Stichting Het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam NCL 1 1 2014/04/28 Archaeology
NCL-1208 Fulgarite from Cuijk Johns, C. Delft University of Technology NCL 12 Archaeology
NCL-7111 G61-35 factuur projectcode 13762G65-35 Aalbersberg, G. RAAP NCL 4 4 2011/09/29 Palaeo-ecology
NCL-4210 GELDERSEPOORT-LIEMERS-IJSSEL-DATING Cohen, K.M. Utrecht University NCL 6 Earth sciences
NCL-4410 GELDERSEPOORT-LIEMERS-IJSSEL-DATING Cohen, K.M. Utrecht University NCL 4 Earth sciences
NCL-4610 GELDERSEPOORT-LIEMERS-IJSSEL-DATING Cohen, K.M. Utrecht University NCL 6 6 Earth sciences
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